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Support: 9/10  9/10
Service: 9/10  9/10
Pricing: 9/10  9/10
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    Support: 9/10     Service: 9/10     Pricing: 9/10    
A big thank-you to Robin Mulloy and his crew of technical wizards at Tomahawk Technologies in Carleton Place, we feel our new website will help us to keep our members and guests better informed.

Please take a few moments to browse our site, I am sure you will be impressed, check out our GPS screen which gives you some great visuals of our holes.

Mark Seabrook, General Manager
Canadian Golf and Country Club

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Robin, I believe you are correct when you say that you have a dynamic team focused on customer service.

My calls to your support group have always been prompt,efficient and with complete satisfaction.

I take every opportunity when it arises to compliment your services and reliability.

I wish you and your group continued growth and success, keep up the good work!

Marc Levesque
Ashton Security

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
I personally would like to thank Tomahawk Technologies for the strong support given to Okeden Bay Equine Products, Inc.

Meeting under an extremely stressful situation, they did not hesitate to jump in and extend their knowledge and expertise. In short, Okeden Bay, like many other professional companies, hired a webmaster. Unfortunately, the webmaster chosen ended up to be unprofessional, unethical, stole the Okeden Bay domain name, lied about it, and still has other unsuspecting customers who, unbenounced to them, are most likely in the same position.

Tomahawk worked with our law firm and was able to put the problem to rest.

I cannot say enough about this company. They revised the look of the Okeden Bay website, . I can manage my web site adding or deleting information as needed, with the Website Management program they offer, which saves both time and money. When we had a glitch in China with our DVD for our brochure, Tomahawk stepped in and reprogrammed the DVD to work with China's requirements.

So thank you Tomahawk for giving Okeden Bay a chance to go forward with the normal daily workings of a company and feel relieved that our website is in safe hands.
Joan Pretty, CEO - President
Okeden Bay Equine Products

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Rental Village has been thrilled with the service we have received from Tomahawk.

They are always pleasant and professional to deal with and have always delivered on promised time.

Would not hesitate to highly recommend them to anyone.

D. Monette
Rental Village

    Support: 9/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 9/10    
We chose Tomahawk Technologies for our website for many reasons:
1) We really wanted the best website possible because any business that wants to be successful and competitive MUST have a top-notch website to meet customer needs and we knew Tomahawk could provide it;
2) We wanted to support local business- we love that your office is right here in town and very easily accessible!
3) The site design was customized exactly how we wanted it (even when we kept changing our minds and revising it!
4) the tech support and ongoing support is PHENOMENAL!!! When I was updating the site at 1am and had a small issue, I sent in an automatic email support ticket to get my issue fixed- literally within 10 minutes the issue was fixed and I was emailed back to say it was all done!
You simply cannot beat that kind of service.
Our website is a very public statement about what kind of business owners we are and how we run our business and our Tomahawk website sends exactly the right message- that we're organized, professional, and responsive to our customer’s needs and wants- and our customers love it!! We've had over 800 visitors in the first 2 weeks alone!
Thank you Tomahawk for working with us to get our awesome website up and running.
Sarah Bingham
CP Cinemas

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 9/10    
Tomahawk designed and built the CWGI, a golf league for women, site along with online registration for over 500 members. Recently, they steered us through a site graphics update, the launch of our online store for members along with adding features to assist in builing membership. Tomahawk's service is outstanding, friendly and efficient. They definitely treat us as a valued client.
Bonnie Robinson
Canadian Women Golfers Inc.

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
As a new advertising and marketing firm in Ottawa, it is The Mirror Media Group’s responsibility to seek out the best companies that will elevate the profile of, and grow our clients business.

We handle every type of advertising, and can produce media kits, brochures catalogues & booklets. If T.V. or Radio, videos or commercials are what you need, we offer those services too.

When someone is looking either to set up a new website, or need help enhancing an existing one, we highly recommend Tomahawk Technologies. They came highly recommended to us, and I’m pleased to be able to pass their name on to you.

Their customer service is excellent, their technicians are very talented, and in our case, they designed our site simply to showcase what we do. We are very pleased. Why not give them a call.

David R. Anderson, President
The Mirror Media Group Inc.

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Tomahawk Technologies provided extensive web site related services to the town of Carleton Place since early 2004. As an organization they responded quickly, effectively and professionally to any requests for comment, service, and guidance.

Tomahawk currently hosts the as well as the email for the municipality. Service has been, in my opinion, exceptional.

As Chair of the Information Systems Committee I have been very pleased with them and their professional services to date.

Brian Doucett, Town Councillor (2003-2006)
Town of Carleton Place

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Working with Tomahawk is a real pleasure! The Tomahawk team knows how to deliver prompt solutions that fit with our program needs. The best part is that they communicate clearly using everyday language so we always know what they are talking about. Tomahawk takes the time to hear their customer and understand what can be done to resolve any technological or website issue. They provide clear solutions and a few alternatives to consider, sometimes going beyond the call of duty. Tomahawk has been very generous to Go for Green through the donation of their time and effort on many of our projects. We’re glad to have such a reliable company to depend upon for Technological solutions. We’ve begun to think of them as family. Thank you, Tomahawk!
Francine Godin, Executive Director
Go for Green

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Over the past three years I have used the services of Tomahawk Technologies Inc and been more than pleased with them. Tomahawk helped me design and build our site as well as the on-line registration for over 500 members. It has worked like a dream. Their customer service is outstanding, friendly and so efficient. I just cannot say enough good things about Tomahawk Tech who always goes the extra mile for their clients. Thank you so much for continuing to provide this great service to us and good luck in future.
Norma Burlington, Past President
Canadian Women Golfers Inc

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 9/10    
As a provider of WEB-based database applications we, by our nature require a substantial amount of support from our hosting provider. For the past 31/2 years Tomahawk has continually delivered outstanding service and support. We do not hesitate in directing our own clients to Tomahawk. Keep up the great work!
Don Burns, President
Qualitex Enterprises Inc.

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
From the first time we spoke to the team at Tomahawk Technologies we knew that the team had a vested interest in the development of a very functional and robust web design for our application.

Starting with the initial design ideas, to the constant questions for the support team, the Tomahawk Team walked me through the whole site and helped us design some great applications that made the site more informative and fun for our members.

We have been so impressed we have asked Tomahawk Technologies to help us develop our second website.

Kevin Shields, President
Firefighters For Kids

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
I have had the pleasure of working on multiple web sites with Tomahawk. Each project has been executed with a clear translation of the client's concept, on budget, and on time.
Jennifer Kelly
Inspire Business Strategy

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 6/10    
We provide Web presence as an add-on non-core service to our clients. Thus we require a lot of technical help to launch web sites on behalf of our clients. We have deployed 2 sites so far and will continue to use them in the future.
Valued Customer

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 8/10    
I have worked with tomahawk on several projects. I consider them one of the best and find their technical support and problem solving approach excellent. When I’m asked to recommend a company Tomahawk is the only company I need mention.
David Rook, Coordinator IT Services
Canadian Society For Industrial Security Inc.

    Support: 9/10     Service: 9/10     Pricing: 8/10    
I wish to congratulate and thank the website development team at Tomahawk Creative for their highly professional work and outstanding results in creating ImStrat Corporations new dynamic website. The website team clearly understood and implemented my vision of what I wanted. Most importantly for myself as a small business owner, they came well within budget and on time.

Again, thank-you for all the great efforts and I wish to continue this relationship.

Tom Last, President/CEO
ImStrat Corporation

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 10/10    
Tomahawk provides a level of service above and beyond ....

The team at Tomahawk exhibits the professionalism of business people, the hands on experience of a computer geek and the sincerity of good friends.


    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 8/10    
This company rates amongst the best in my view. They are completely reliable and I feel confident using them and I recommend them to all of my clients. Their technical support and 'problem solving approach' is excellent. They have helped me through many difficult technical issues over the past couple of years. They are first rate and my first choice. Thanks Tomahawk!
Jack Blyth
Music Sound Design

    Support: 10/10     Service: 10/10     Pricing: 9/10    
I have worked with Tomahawk Technologies and Tomahawk Creative for over 2 years now developing and managing large national interactive databases through In today's world of rapidly advancing technology, it is refreshing to work with an organization that is both leading the charge by developing extremely efficient database driven web solutions, and whose staff are extremely approachable, knowledgeable and professional...all at the best price around! I am extremely grateful to everyone at Tomahawk Technologies and Tomahawk Creative. Thank You.
Jody Conrad, National Trail Inventory Coordinator
TrailsCanada Go for Green

    Support: 10/10     Service: 8/10     Pricing: 8/10    
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing The House Finder with superior internet services and support. You have shown great patience with me while restructuring the website, and with on-going maintenance. When I email you, the response is always swift and helpful. Thanks for giving me one less thing to worry about with respect to my business - I know my website is in good hands!
Shelley Usher, Owner
the House Finder

    Support: 9/10     Service: 8/10     Pricing: 8/10    
Clean Choice Printers was looking for a new web designer. We met one of Tomahawk Technologies' representatives at a conference and after talking to him and getting a good feeling from what we heard, we decided to use their services. We weren't disappointed. We were led through the process easily and quickly. The service was fast, friendly and personal and we were thrilled with the professional web design. We would recommend their services for either large or small web design needs.
Sandy and Don, Owners
Clean Choice Printers

    Support: 0/10     Service: 0/10     Pricing: 0/10    
Real-time, on-line access to all user information (permits, violations, and locker rentals) is essential for the administration of my Parking Services division. Due to its web platform, ParkAdmin™ gives me the information and flexibility that my staff and I require even when away from the office."

"ParkAdmin™ has greatly improved the administration of my Parking Services operation at Carleton University. With the addition of the payment gateway, I have taken in over $750,000.00 dollars in revenue without the touch of a button or the need to heavily staff a service counter for credit card payments.

Brian Billings, Community Safety Coordinator DUS Campus Safety and Parking Services
Carleton University

    Support: 0/10     Service: 0/10     Pricing: 0/10    
Durham College has been one of the fastest growing colleges in Ontario for nearly a decade. This kind of growth puts pressure on the school's infrastructure including the parking facilities and operations.

To meet these growing and the ever increasing demands from the almost 6,000 full-time and 23,000 part-time students, Durham enlisted the assistance of a professional parking consulting company to conduct a complete evaluation and to make recommendations on the best way to manage the parking situation taking into consideration customer satisfaction, efficiencies and cost of providing a customer centric solution.

After an in-depth study, ParkAdmin™ from Tomahawk Technologies was recommended by the consulting company and accepted by Durham College.

The ParkAdmin™ solution has delivered what we had hoped and the tangible and intangible returns are already evident. In addition, it has been a complete pleasure to work with the professional, conscientious and knowledgeable team at Tomahawk Technologies.

Suzanne Chasse, Facilities Coordinator Facilities Management
Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Support: 0/10     Service: 0/10     Pricing: 0/10    
We've been evaluating a number of on-line web based parking and security solutions for some time now. It is our goal to continue to deliver exceptional service to the 1,100 full time students and 100 faculty and staff. After evaluating ParkAdmin™ from Tomahawk Technologies it was evident that this solution did what it claimed to do. We are excited about the prospects of ParkAdmin™ and the large role it will play in the execution of our strategy.
Howard Korn, Director of Campus Services
Marietta College

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