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Ready-to-go Web Components
    Our ready-to-go web components represent one of the richest resources we can offer to clients. These components are fully tested and proven on numerous web sites. The components can be customized to solve any unique functionality issues, or can simply be dropped in 'as is' and extended in the future, if necessary.

Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  These FAQ's address most of the questions that we hear over and over again. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, or require further information please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to address any questions you may have.
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Available RSS News Feeds
  The RSS news feeds are updated automatically by other sites from around the Internet. Read about this component on the Ready-to-go Web Components page.
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    Ready-to-go Web Components
    All components can be customized to match functionality

    • What's New
      This component promotes the publishing of time sensitive information to one or more pages of your web site. With the component, you are able to supply textual information and a link to site visitors without having to learn any HTML.

    • Discussion Forum
      The use of this component helps to open the doors of communication to staff, clients and other business associates. The forum can be implemented behind your public web site such that it is only accessible to staff, or it can be made available to the world. Product information and support issues can be listed, or use the forum to allow site users to communicate between themselves. The forum can be setup to be moderated, and a full administrative suite allows for easy manipulation of data.

    • Event Calendar
      As with the discussion forum, this component can be setup to be made publicly available or used only amongst select members of your organization. In the past, we have used this component on community portal sites that allowed site visitors to record their own upcoming events. This component also has an administrative interface that allows for full data editing.

    • Link Manager
      The ability to link to other relevant web sites can often offer an increase in search engine ranking. With this component, the management and editing of web site links can be easily controlled. The component allows an administrative person to enter web links, link text and even verbose descriptions. As well, links can be hidden or displayed to allow administrators to not display an entry on their web site but still retain the listing in their data set.

    • FAQ
      As with this page, the display of categorized FAQ's can help people who visit your site the ability to easily find the information they are looking for. This component allows administrators to build complete informational resources without any required knowledge of HTML and web programming. As questions are received from clients, they can be answered and posted to your web site.

    • Survey & Poll
      The survey and poll components exist to provoke users to take part in your web offering. By eliciting poll responses, you can become more informed about what site visitors think about a given topic. Making a poll fun can have the added benefit of generating repeat traffic to your web site.

      The survey component can be used in a similar manner to the poll but allows the administrator to accept more than one response to numerous questions. A survey for your membership, or one for your clients may help to improve customer support and build stronger partnerships.

    • Document Upload
      With this component, documents can be uploaded to your web site through a web interface. The document can include a description, or any number of other descriptive fields. With this component documents and their descriptions can be easily searched for relevance. As well, the display and categorization of documents can be easily managed without any HTML knowledge.

    • Newsletter & Email Broadcasting
      Communication with past clients and/or members of your organization can not be easier. Using web technologies, messages can be recorded and delivered at anytime in the future. As well, during the formulation of your message, you can also decide which category of user you will deliver messages to. The component can also be tied to our User Profile component to allow users to self-manage their settings.

    • Shopping Cart
      As with all of the components, customization can be easily done. In the case of our shopping cart, we have numerous versions available. Several examples include; carts that connect directly to payment gateways, carts that allow colour and size parameters to be part of a product description, carts that convert USD to CDN (and back). All of our shopping carts include product administration and full order administration.

    • Postcards
      A simple component that helps to drive traffic to your site. The postcard component allows users to visit your web site and send virtual postcards to users worldwide. When a user receives one of these postcards, they are directed back to your web site to retrieve it.

    • Membership Management
      This component is more of a suite than a component. With it, you would be able to manage all users in a given membership including offer communication tools, online registration and search interfaces if you decide to allow such functionality.

    • News Releases
      With the help of this component, you can make sure your site remains "active" and updated with ever changing content. The component allows for the creation and management of news releases. This can also help to increase your rank on search engines.

    • RSS Newsfeeds
      RSS news feeds are the latest Internet boom.. Our component allows an adminstrator to list a single or numerous news items on their web site. The RSS feeds are updated automatically by the news provider. This helps to keep content changing on your web site. (We use the RSS news feed on the left of this page; select a link to see it in action)

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